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Yoga of Thought

Flexibility of Thoughts & Responses

Blog #3 on 3-29-12

     One of the powerful intentions of yoga is to increase and maintain the flexibility of the spine.

     Flexibility of your thinking and responses is also an important tenet of the Yoga of Thought.

     Yesterday a friend shared a story with me about her visit to a car repair shop. At the completion of the service she was stunned by the amount required to pay the bill because it was higher than she had originally anticipated it being.

     The cash she had brought to the shop didn’t cover the bill. She didn’t have a credit card with her, so she had to utilize her debit card to pay the balance of the bill. This decision gave her a feeling of being pressured because her next pay check
was two weeks away.

     When we talked later that day about her negative feelings of pressure over the incident, she asked me how do you avoid having so many negative thoughts about money.

     My first response was, “You don’t. You don’t avoid it, instead you accept the feelings.” At some point everyone has negative thoughts about money. So rather than focus on judging the fact that you are experiencing some negative feelings about money, it is more empowering to develop more flexible ways of responding to these thoughts, feelings and situations.

The following steps have worked well for many of my friends as well as for myself. Here are the following steps:

  1. Rather than dwell on judging yourself for having  negative thoughts about money, acknowledge and be compassionate with yourself for having these thoughts and feelings.

You may also want to acknowledge the younger part of you that brought up these uncomfortable thoughts and feelings in the first place. This part of you usually tends to originate from a younger part that may have received limiting and negative messages.

  1. It is helpful to embrace this part, comfort this part, like you would hug and comfort a young child. Also thank this part of you for helping you survive and stay alive for all of these lovely years.
  2. At this point assign a new focus and “job” to this part while also encouraging this part to become connected to all of your parts in a harmonious way. Let this part fully integrate into your whole system of parts.
  3. Once you do this, you will most likely be able to experience more flexibility in your thoughts and responses.

     As it turned out with my friend she was able to apply these steps to her situation and come up with a more workable solution. After our conversation she called the service provider and asked if the charges could be reversed on her debit card and then placed
on her credit card .

     Since she was a trustworthy customer, the provider was happy to do this for her. As she said, that the service provider, “Didn’t even blink an eye.” Thus she was able to regain a comfort level with this situation because by the time the credit card bill arrived she would also have deposited her next paycheck in her account to give her the sufficient funds to cover the bill.

     We hope this story and these steps will support you in leading a more flexible, prosperous and joyful life.

Keep practicing & we’ll connect again in the near future.

Peace and Blessings to You.



Yoga of Thought Series.

# 2 on 2-27-12

“That was then, this is now.”


      Have you ever felt like your mind keeps dwelling on a past hurt, upset or trauma? If so, there are some very quick and easy ways to release your mind from the continual replay habit of your disempowering thoughts.

    Just utilize the following steps:

  1. Notice that your mind is stuck in a continual play mode for a negative thought that keeps you connected to feeling poorly about yourself.
  2. So take a deep breath
  3. Put the old thought on pause
  4. Now choose a new thought that helps you feel better about yourself and your situation.
  5. Keep practicing thinking the new more empowered thought until the new thought becomes more of a habit than the old thought.

     This simple phrase, “That was then, this is now,” helps your mind distinguish between your past reality of old limiting thoughts and your current reality and more empowered thoughts. In other words, if your mind keeps replaying a memory as if it is happening in the present moment, you can put this memory thought on pause, take a deep breath and chose to think a more empowering thought.

      The old limiting thoughts probably became a habit pattern that you acquired at an earlier time in your life. So you may have to make a deliberate effort to create the new habit pattern by choosing to practice the empowered thoughts every time you notice that your mind has shifted to a negative thought pattern.

      Don't worry about trying to do this perfectly. Have compassion with yourself for all of the times you shifted into feeling and thinking badly about yourself. Remember that the act of compassion will help you feel more accepting of yourself and make it easier to keep shifting into the positive and empowering thoughts on a continual basis.

      In a sense this process is like making a deliberate effort to consume more foods and substances that nourish your body than foods that debilitate you. For instance if you only drink beverages that dehydrate you and add too much sugar to your system, if might be more difficult for you to maintain consistent levels of high energy.

      Thoughts can also fall into the same food categories of either being debilitating or nourishing. So next time you feel stuck in a low energy negative state, reach for food substances and thoughts that actually bring greater health and vitality to you in every way possible.

       Keep us posted on your progress and also watch for the next installment of this Yoga of Thoughts series.

All the best to you,

Terry and Stephanie

How to Create Your Own Yoga of Thoughts Practice

Are you practicing the Yoga of Thoughts to increase your productivity and sense of well-being? If not, why not?

The term Yoga of Thoughts is a term that I have coined to describe the practice you can create to help you experience less thoughts connected to feeling badly and more thoughts connected to feeling empowered.

The thoughts you feed your mind, body and life can be looked at as your daily and nightly thought diet. The question is are you feeding your life empowering thoughts through a yogic type practice?

Yoga is defined by the online merriam-webster dictionary is as follows:

a system of exercises for attaining bodily or mental control and well-being.”

Our minds are almost always replaying loops of thoughts that are in one of three main categories:

Empowering and happy

Disempowering and angry, sad, or lethargic

Neutral thoughts that have our us feel as if we are coasting along and concentrating on our tasks at hand.

Here we will mainly address the limiting and disempowering thoughts that often are connected to you feeling resigned, angry, sad, helpless and hopeless.

When we realize that during these times of feeling disempowered our subconscious minds are easily accessed by our deliberate and conscious minds.

Thus one of the best ways to imprint empowering thoughts into your subconscious mind is to link powerful, motivating positive thoughts to your limiting ones (the negative thoughts and feelings that seem to be playing through your mind like a music track set on continual play).

The Practice of Yoga of Thoughts is as follows:

  1. Notice when your mind is stuck in a endless of loop of limiting thoughts such as:

A.  I hate my job, I hate my job, I hate my job

B.  Life sucks, life sucks, life sucks

C. I’m too fat, I’m too fat, I’m too fat

D. That really hurts, that really hurts, that hurts

Then create an empowering thought that you link to the limiting thought such as the following:

A.  I hate my job, so I’m now ready take action to create a job of my dreams

B.  Life sucks, but I realize it’s up to me to make it better.

C.  I’m too fat, but I’m not ready to do what it takes to healthfully loose all the excess weight so that I will be able to feel and be the best me possible.

D.  That hurts, but I’m OK

As you commit to practicing this process on a regular basis you will experience improvements in your internal sense of well-being as well as in your external environment.

Another way to look at this process is to imagine that every one of your thoughts is connected to the stories you tell yourself about yourself and other people.

When you are in a downward spiral of a disempowering thought, realize that you are stuck in the second act of a three-act story.

Thus all you need to do is give these limiting thoughts a happy resolution.

By doing this you will be able to create a greater sense of peace and well-being.

So next time you notice that you are in one of your habitual feel-bad thoughts, don’t waste time trying to analyze it or to understand it, just give the limiting thought a happy resolution.

This is your time to take charge of your internal well-being so that you create a greater sense of external well being that matches the internal well-being.
So this on a consistent basis and you will begin to experience great improvements in all aspects of our life. 

SFS Motivational Blog


     Have you thought about setting Resolutions for this New Year, but are afraid that you won’t be able to fulfill your intentions, commitments, goals and resolutions?

      My guess is that you won’t be able to fulfill your resolutions, unless you get your Subconscious Mind to align with your Conscious Mind and Conscious Commitments.

      Does this make sense to you?  Even though people will say yes,  they won't have a clear way of understanding of how to get their subconscious mind aligned with their conscious mind.

      The best way to get your subconscious mind working positively for you is to learn how your subconscious mind takes in new information and formulates beliefs.

       The following ideas will help you understand how to access your subconscious mind in the best ways possible.

       You can Engage your Subconscious Mind by working with the following guidelines:

  1. Recognize that your subconscious mind is always listening to what you say. So when you are talking about yourself, your goals and actions, describe your situation in positive, affirming points of view.
  2. Listen to self-hypnosis recordings while you are sleeping because your conscious mind won't resist the empowering messages.
  3. Create symbols and gestures that anchor positive beliefs into your conscious and subconscious mind.
  4. Be aware that when you are tired, ill or in altered states of any kind, your subconscious mind is vulnerable to imprints. Utilize these vulnerable states to plant empowering messages in your subconscious mind. For instance, you might say to yourself, “This is difficult, but I will get through it.”
  5. Repeat affirmations that let empowering beliefs take root in your subconscious mind. 
  6. Realize that it’s not so important to understand why your subconscious mind believes something. It's more important to understand that empowering beliefs can override your limiting beliefs when the empowering beliefs are installed  in effective ways.
  7. Sing motivating songs and do right brained activities to seed your subconscious mind with positive messages and beliefs.
  8. Appreciate how your non-verbal activities and activated five senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch) connect your conscious mind with your subconscious mind
  9. Be discerning of the messages of authority figures.  Understand how these messages and directives tend to penetrate into your subconscious mind.
  10. Join a support system that brings out the best in you.       

By working with my own subconscious mind, I continue to experience an outstanding year. In 2011 I obtained my LMT (Licensed Massage Certification), let go excess weight (31 pounds), started a new business, and published my first book!

 You too can create a dynamic and positive life filled with satisfying experiences, accomplishments and relationships.
We invite you to participate in our courses and upcoming luncheon. Isn't it time you create a support system that helps you optimize your life, relationships and business? Let this be the year in which you give yourself the gift of fulfilling personal and professional success.

      May this year of 2012 be your best year yet!

All the Best to You,



Third post 9 December 2011

Welcome ladies

Here is a collection of the motivational thoughts for the day that we have Tweeted over the past couple of weeks. Plus our take on them.

"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you." - Oprah Winfrey. Now just turn that energy into an e-business.

“Success doesn't come to you… you go to it.” Marva Collins. I just read up on this lady - very inspiring. Dissatisfaction and a desire to help children learn led to her business success.

Florence Nightingale: "feelings waste themselves in words, they ought all to be distilled into actions and into actions which bring results."

Anne Frank: "Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction.".....and so does running a business and we can help you do that.

Joan Baez: "action is the antidote to despair." We can help you learn how to create an online business if that's the action you need to make.

Agatha Christie: "The secret of getting ahead is getting started." We can certainly help you with that.

Indira Gandhi: "Anger is never without an argument, but seldom with a good one."

Cher: "If you really want something you can figure out how to make it happen."

Now you've had your dose of motivation - it's time to get started. We would love to hear your plans so that we can share them with our Sisters For Success community.

All the best



Second post 6 December 2011

Welcome ladies

This motivational thought for the day is making me think.

"Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable." – Coco Chanel

I think what Coco is trying to say is that many people get obsessed with statistics that show that most businesses fail, to the degree that they don't bother giving it a go. It's like people who don't get married just because divorce is common. If you go into any endeavor expecting failure, often you will create that just because that is your focus. Even if your business doesn't last into the next century, surely that is irrelevant. If it has provided you an income and satisfied your deep need to do something in the world, and to share your excitement or talents with the world, isn't that what really matters? If something excites you and motivates you, surely that is in a sense a reward in itself. Making heaps of money is just a by-product of that motivation.

That's not to say we shouldn't learn from the failures of others. Many people who go into business, spend big and earn little. In the early stages of your business when you are still developing and refining your product or service, and finding your market and finding out what your clients want, it is important that you have a clear plan, some capital to survive on and that you do as much as you can yourself rather than taking on employees or paying people to do things. That's why we focus so much of our efforts at Sisters For Success in training you to be self-sufficient. We want you to survive the first stages of your business, so that you can then go on to prosper. We measure our success, by your success.

We would love to hear your comments on Coco's quote so that we can share them with our Sisters For Success community.

All the best



First post 21 November 2011

Welcome sisters

In our blog, we intend to provide you with:

  • motivational quotes from women
  • quotes on success from women
  • quotes of the day / thoughts for the day
  • success stories and
  • other fun stuff such as shopping tips to save you money.

To start us off, here is a pretty forthright and motivating quote from the actor Katharine Hepburn:

"Life is to be lived. If you have to support yourself, you had bloody well better find some way that is going to be interesting. And you don't do that by sitting around wondering about yourself. "

Please send us any motivational quotes for the day you would like us to share with our Sisters For Success community.

Wishing your ongoing success,

Stephanie & Terry