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Panic To Profits, Be Your Own Best Prophet, One Breath At A Time

by Terry Anne Wohl

"Panic To Profits" does more than help you manage stress. It helps you to change the way you react to emotions, and empowers you to become the person you want to be. This book offers potent techniques to regain your emotional power and centered awareness so that you can make your transformation last.

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This book will increase your understanding of how to harness your energy, emotions, and beliefs to help you live the best life possible.  

− Robert G. Allen. ~ Best-Selling Author.

Terry Wohl is a master of energy. Her work helps people experience profound shifts. Working with her, helps people create greater well-being and clarity. 

− B.B. ~ Teacher and Therapist.

Terry attends to the whole person and understands how the mind
affects the body. She uses both visualization skills and physical
processes to loosen old unwanted energy and belief patterns and leaves room for vitality, health and wholeness to enter.

− P.M. ~ Painter.

Terry is an amazing Healer, Counselor, Writer, and Facilitator….All hale to the Queen of Healing Processes, Information, Transformation and Love.

− Carla J. ~ Counselor.

By the end of the class…Yeah, by the end of the six class (on which this book is based), I had a contract for $70,000 for part-time work for six months.

− G.G. ~ Project Manager.

…I feel that this is the start of a whole new life for me!

− R.B. ~ Coach and Tutor

Terry Anne Wohl is a certified Mind-Body Vibrancy Coach, Shaitus - Thai Yoga Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. She holds a Doctorate in Divinity from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. Terry is a painter, tele-seminar facilitator, workshop leader, and keynote speaker.

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